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At a fire in the private house in the Omsk region four

Omsk, 26 janv - News, Andrey Lebedev were lost. the Private house has lighted up in Moscow Kalensky area of the Omsk region, four persons, including the child were lost, informs on Thursday a press - service SUSK on region.

" In village Insarka of Moscow Kalensky area of the Omsk region on January, 26th, 2012 there was a kindling of the private house. During a fire were lost 50 - the summer master of the house, it 57 - the summer spouse, them 25 - the summer daughter and 6 - the summer grandson. According to preliminary data, malfunction of the furnace " could become the kindling reason; - it is SPK in release.

According to department, now on a fire place the investigation team works, the scene looks round. Experts SK have begun dosledstvennuju check in which course all circumstances of tragedy will be established.