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Experts of IAEA have started atomic power station survey " Ooi "

Tokyo, 26 janv - News, Xenia Naka. Delegation of experts from IAEA for the first time after failure on the atomic power station " Fukushima - 1 " in the spring of last year has started survey of two reactors of the atomic power station " Ooi " in prefecture of Fukui to estimate, how much spent earlier at station stress - tests correspond to the international standards, Kiodo has reported.

Under the decision of the government of Japan, stress - tests became obligatory 4 all atomic power stations, including, and 4 the reactors which have passed routine inspection and ready to restart. The third and fourth reactors of the atomic power station " Ooi " have passed stress - the tests which results have been countenanced by Japanese experts. Now they should meet with IAEA approval then the government can recommend their restart. But EVN after that 4 their introduction in a company system - to operator Kansai Eleņtriņ Power ņo. It will be necessary to obtain the permit from local administration and the population.

Experts will take part in doctrines which will show how much the station is steady against an emergency situation as systems of spare power supply and other aspects of security work.

the Tests spent at station by the operator, have shown that the third and fourth reactors will be safe, even if there will be an earthquake which force will be in 1,8 times above predicted, and a tsunami - in 11,4 metres in height that four times exceeds forecasts.

the Main cause of accident on the atomic power station " Fukushima - 1 " there was that the tsunami height has appeared considerably above the most courageous forecasts of scientists: at forecasts of the maximum height of a wave in 1,5 metres, protective constructions have been designed counting upon a five-metre tsunami while actually the height fallen upon the atomic power station waves has made on March, 11th, 2011 15 metres.

Now from 54 nuclear reactors in Japan four continue to work only. If till the spring those from them which have been stopped on routine inspection are not put into operation, by April in the country there will be no working reactor.