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the Theatrical guide: Petersburg Lyres and student`s Mozart

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1. Three-day tours of theatre " the Shelter of the comedian " I will pass in " the CTR on Passionate ". The Petersburg troupe will play in Moscow performance " Lyres " directed by director Konstantin Bogomolova at the moment working at the Moscow theatre p/ r as O.Tabakova. Shakespeare`s play here is presented as an entertainment and provocative tragicomedy, and a leading role – the king Lyre – the woman, actress Roza Hajrullina executes.

Friday, Saturday, 19. 00


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2. In the dramatic art and direction CTR it will be possible to look at a solo performance of actor Vladimir Nosika " the Folder " directed by director Alexey Dubrovsky. At the heart of performance – the play of the Perm playwright Simeon Kirova which protagonist, the lonely old man, conducts imagined conversations with the son. Behind its venomous comments and rebukes in relation to the son the history of life of the Old man and a pain of the lonely person gradually appears.

Friday, 20. 00 (the Scene on Running)

3. At Musical theatre of K.S.Stanislavsky and Vl. And. Nemirovich - Danchenko students of a course of director Alexander Titelja in HOSTS (GITIS) together with musicians and theatre chorus will execute the thesis – an opera - zingshpil Mozart " the Magic flute " . Inhabitants of the fantastic world where there is an action, in performance appear pupils of school: protagonist Tamino – the beginner, the Tsarina of Night – the director of studies, and the malicious wizard Zarastro who has stolen her daughter Paminu, - certainly, the principal. All tests which there takes place the hero, are marked by estimations in a diary, and to help Tamino, as well as the NE schoolboy, the call from a lesson can only.

Saturday, 19. 00 (the Small scene)

4. In RAMTe will play the last year`s premiere – Yury Eremina`s performance " Quixote " under Evgenie Schwarz`s film script. Distinctive feature of the novel of Cervantes in Schwarz`s version is the organic combination fantastic and real, pressing questions and eternal problems. The Knight of the Rueful Countenance, performed by young actor Denis Shvedova, with the eternal companion Sancho Pansoj which is played by Vladislav Pogiba, nesmotrja the shabby suit and corroded a rust an armour makes the " exploits " and, of course, engages W windmills. The minimalistichnaja scenography only conditionally transfers the spectator to Spain of a XVII-th century whereas the main accent is put on moral problems.