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Almost 30 pupils of a kindergarten in Primorski Krai were ill with an intestinal infection

Vladivostok, 30 janv - News. About 30 pupils of a kindergarten " the Cone " in Dalnegorsk were ill sharp intestinal infections, a little from them are hospitalised, has informed News on Monday a source from bodies of local public health services.

" 29 persons were converted Into hospital: 27 children and two tutors. The preliminary diagnosis - a salmonellosis. Three children now hospitalised in a status of AVG weight " - the interlocutor of agency has told.


As he said, according to tentative data, children have caught after fur-trees in a kindergarten brizol and an omelette.

In turn the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of edge Elena Telegin has informed News that upon incident there is begun check.

" For the past days 30 persons were converted into Dalnegorsk central hospital W complaints to a sharp intestinal poisoning, from which two - adults and 28 - juvenile children. From them 27 - pupils of a kindergarten ╣33 " the Cone " and one - ╣27. This child contacted to one of the ill adults " - the interlocutor of agency has told.

As she said, on Monday at nine of 30 persons the diagnosis " is CFMed; a salmonellosis ". It is hospitalised six children, their status is estimated by doctors as satisfactory.

" the Branch of the CTR of hygiene and epidemiologii in Primorski Territory conducts laboratory researches in a kindergarten " the Cone ". Besides, the explanations on the given fact already were given by employees of the local mayoralty, management of Rospotrebnadzora and a kindergarten " - the interlocutor has noted.