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In Moscow delivery in restaurants of unchecked meat

Moscow, 31 janv - News has been organised. Some veterinary surgeons for money from businessmen legalised papers 4 sale on one of the markets of Moscow of the meat which has done not passed examination, has informed on Tuesday the head a press - groups of management of economic security and counteraction of corruption capital GUMVD Irina

the Wolf.

" Doctors sold veterinary inquiries: for monetary compensation illegally made proceeding veterinary papers on the meat got by businessmen 4 the further deliveries in restaurants, cafe and other points of public catering of Moscow " - has told the Wolf.

the Investigatory committee of the Russian Federation has filed criminal charges concerning managing state laboratory veterinarno - sanitary examination of the market " the Warm camp " Open Company " Vega " Zynaidas Kvichko who, according to the investigation, has been detained on December, 3rd at bribe reception.

By words the Wolf, as a rule, such meat at all did not pass the put veterinary examination.

the Wolf 2 has informed that doctors for illegal monetary compensation carried out legalisation of meat of the unknown origin arriving on the market from farms of Moscow suburbs under fictitious accompanying documents. Thus, as she said, necessary researches and meat examination were not spent.

" In the market, according to preliminary data, could sell the meat amazed finnozom is the dangerous disease called by larvae of a tape-worm, and also to realise the farmer meat of a pig arriving on the market under false veterinary certificates as industrial mjasosyre " - she has noted.

the Wolf has added that 2 the given meat did not pass obligatory research on trihinellez (parasitic disease dangerous to the person.)

" meat Realized in the market could pose real threat 4 life and health of consumers. Now on the specified facts check is spent, the question on criminal case excitation " is solved; - has summed up the head a press - groups.