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the Court has delayed 150 million payment rub which BTSBK has run into debt to Deripaska

Irkutsk, 1 fev - News. the Sljudjansky district court of the Irkutsk region has given Baikal tselljulozno - to paper industrial complex (BTSBK) a delay till September 4 full payment of a debt at the rate about 150 million roubles which the industrial complex has run into debt to the owner of the company " the Base element " to Oleg Deripaska, it is SPK on Wednesday in an industrial complex MSG.

In July Ust - the Labinsk district court of Krasnodar territory has satisfied Deripaska`s claim ABT collecting W BTSBK a debt at the rate about 150 million roubles under the credit which has been given out to industrial complex in 2009 4 repayment of debts under the salary to workers which threatened to block the Trans-Siberian Railway. At that point in time structures of the businessman owned BTSBK.

Alexander Ivans, the external managing director of Open Society " Baikal TSBK " Suggested Deripaska to conclude the agreement of lawsuit on debt instalments, however the parties could not agree in this respect. Later, on August, 29th, 2011 the businessman has conceded the right of the requirement of return of a debt of Open Company " Starion " to which the court in Krasnodar territory has given out the corresponding court order.

According to an industrial complex MSG, " in Open Society answer " Baikal TSBK " has put in in Sljudjansky district court the statement in which, in particular, it is noticed that single payment of a debt will threaten supply teploenergiej Baikalsk, payment of taxes in budgets of all levels " also has asked ABT granting of instalments of execution of the decision of Ust - Labinsk district court.

the Court of Sljudjansky area on Tuesday recognised arguments of the applicant proved and has made decision to give instalments till September, 30th, 2012. Thus, debt payment will occur from April till September.