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Germany has allocated 25 million euro for building in Russia of a complex 4 storage reaktornyh compartments of the utilised nuclear-powered submarines

the Government of Germany has allocated to ship-repair factory " the Seal " the first tranche - 25 million euro - 4 building of a complex of land storage reaktornyh compartments of the utilised nuclear submarines deduced from fighting structure of Northern fleet.

as have informed " News " in administration of Murmansk area, in such sum the WRK planned for 2004 will manage. The general cost of building of a complex is estimated in 90 million euro.

working out of the project of a complex and the engineering specifications is conducted by Kurchatovsky institute.

direct WRK on building should begin summer of this year and come to the end 2 autumn of 2005.

It is planned that the complex platform will be calculated on 120 reaktornyh compartments W possibility delnejshego its expansions, have told in administration. Reaktornye compartments will be stored on a land complex during 50 - 70 years then can be melted. Similar technologies already exist in world practice.

necessity of creation of a land complex is called by that on existing technology of recycling of a nuclear-powered submarine reaktornye compartments W the unloaded fuel are stored afloat in Sajda - a lip that creates difficulties at maintenance of radiating and ecological security. Now it is afloat stored nearby 50 reaktornyh compartments.

creation of a complex of land storage reaktornyh compartments is conducted according to the agreement between Ministry of Atomic Energy of Russia and the Ministry of Economics and work of Germany, signed in November of last year in St.-Petersburg within the limits of the program " Global partnership " have informed in regional administration.