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the President of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, academician Valentine Pokrovsky has noted 75 - letie from the date of a birth and 55 - letie labour activity

At once two anniversaries were noted on Thursday by the academician, the president of the Russian Academy of medical sciences, director TSNII epidemiologii Ministry of Health of Russia Valentine Pokrovsky.

celebrations on the occasion of 75 - letija from the date of a birth of the outstanding expert in the field of an infectious pathology and 55 - letija its labour and scientific activity have passed in the House of scientists in Moscow.

Valentine Pokrovsky is widely known in the Russian and international circles as the outstanding clinical physician - the epidemiologist, the scientific researcher and the teacher, the organizer of public health services and a medical science.

Pokrovsk has developed effective methods diagnostii and treatments of the heaviest infectious diseases, such as a typhus, a meningitis, a cholera, intrahospital infections, contributed in creation and development urgent and reanimatsionnyh services at clinics on first-aid treatment by the infectious patient.

In 70 - e years, in cholera epidemic in southern territories of the USSR, Pokrovsk has headed group of the scientific and practical doctors directed on struggle against this dangerous disease. It had been opened new clinical classification of a cholera and a method of treatment of cholera patients at organism dehydration that has allowed then to achieve considerable therapeutic effect EVN in field conditions and considerably to lower death rate from a cholera.

in 70 - e years Pokrovsk has organised service on diagnostics and HIV preventive maintenance - infections, diagnosed the first cases of this disease in our country, contributed in creation of a network of laboratories on HIV revealing - infected, to the account sick of AIDS, working out protivoepidemicheskih actions against raprostranenija a HIV in territory of Russia.

Pokrovsk is ekpertom the CART, the trustee of the International association infektsionistov, the chairman of Association infektsionistov Russia, a member of editorial boards of some scientific special editions, the editor-in-chief of magazine " Epidemiologija and infectious diseases ".

Valentine Pokrovsky is awarded the order Lenin, order of the Labour Red Banner, orders " For merits B4 Fatherland " the second and third degree, is the winner of the award of the government of the Russian Federation, the State award of the Russian Federation, and also of some nominal awards of the Russian Academy of Medical Science. The school of thought of the academician of V.Pokrovsky successfully works. Under its management 70 doctor`s and 140 master`s theses are executed, published more than 600 scientific WRK.