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Altay territory in a status to exceed a problem on gross national product doubling for 10 years - plenipotentiary Drachevsky

the Economic situation in Altay territory is that that the region can exceed set by the president of the Russian Federation a problem on gross national product doubling for 10 years.

such opinion was voiced on Friday at a MTG with Vladimir Putin by the plenipotentiary of the president in the Siberian federal district Leonid Drachevsky.

" in edge obviously there is a powerful progress " - Drachevsky has told.

" regional programs of this edge which will be built in the general strategy of doubling of gross national product of the country, allow EVN to exceed these indicators " - the plenipotentiary has told, having referred to statements of the governor of Altay territory Alexander Surikova which 2 participated in a MTG with the president.

" gross national product doubling here it is possible to consider as a problem a minimum " - Drachevsky has noted.

In turn, the governor of Altay territory has informed that for four years of 530 thousand inhabitants of the edge which were below the breadline, have been translated in the category " better living people ".

According to Surikova, it is necessary to solve this problem in the relation about 800 thousand inhabitants of edge. The governor has assured that for the next four years Altay territory W it will consult.

on the request of the president to tell about the problems, Surikov has noted necessity of support by the government of the country of the enterprises of processing branches.

he has informed that while at the government " orientation to raw branches " is saved;.

At the same time Surikov has underlined that despite existing problems, rates of industrial growth in Altay territory have increased in comparison with last year twice and continue to grow.

at the desire of head of the state Surikov 2 has reported on Putin on preparation for a sowing campaign in edge.

This year in Altay territory it will be sowed on 150 thousand in hectare of the areas more that will bring to the country in addition 300 thousand more grain tons, the governor has told.

as he said, peasants have already obtained the bank credit at a rate of two billions roubles under state guarantees under the so-called subsidised rate.

nevertheless, the governor has noted, in connection with increase in areas under crops it is necessary for edge on loan about 300 million roubles. Thus Surikov has assured that the edge will necessarily pay off in time under this credit.

Surikov has informed that this point in question was already discussed in the government of the Russian Federation and the arrangement that new areas under crops will be subsidised most actively has been reached.

according to Surikova, the total amount of the corresponding loan has made 1 billion 500 million roubles.