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Le Foam have fined for racial hatred

the Parisian corrective court - Mari Le Pena Jean has sentenced to the penalty at a rate of 10 thousand euro for instigation 2 racial hatred on Friday of the leader of the extremely right National front.

as an occasion to a judicial verdict to the Moslems, told Le Penom statements have served in interview to the newspaper " Mond " in April, 2003.

" that day when in France will be not five millions, and 25 million Moslems, they will order. And Frenchmen will press close to walls, to make the way on sidewalks, having looked down. And when they will not do it, them will ask: what it you so look at me? You run into fight? And you will need to get away only, differently get it on the nose " - has declared Le of Foams in that interview.

having considered these statements " instigation 2 racial hatred " The public prosecutor has demanded to sentence the leader of the extremely right to two MTH of prison conditionally, to deprivation for a year of the right to be to elite and the penalty in the size of eight thousand euro.

the court as a whole has agreed with charge arguments. According to a judicial verdict, " is not subject to doubt that, opposing " Moslems " and " Frenchmen " to underline danger, which " Moslems " can represent 4 security of citizens, Le of Foams pushes 2 hatred concerning that part of the population which declares itself adherents of Islam ".

Thus the court has decided to be limited to softer punishment and has sentenced Le Foam to the penalty at a rate of 10 thousand euro.

Besides, the court has obliged the leader of the extremely right to pay to League of human rights and the International league against racism and anti-Semitism of five thousand euro as indemnification for mental cruelty.