Rus News Journal

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Russia considers exaggerated fears concerning deliveries of drugs to the Western Europe from the Kaliningrad region

considers strongly exaggerated fears concerning that the Kaliningrad region is a source of the narcotraffic and illegal immigration in countries of Western Europe. It has declared on Monday on a press - conferences in " News " the deputy minister of foreign affairs of the Russian Federation Vladimir Tchizhov.

he recognised that in the Kaliningrad region of drugs more than on the average across Russia. " however there drugs get from the Western Europe " - has noted the deputy minister.

as he said, the main source of drugs in the CIS countries and Europe there is Afghanistan. " the second place on volumes of an origin of drugs is the Netherlands " - Tchizhov has informed.

" therefrom synthetic drugs " also arrive; - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has told zamglavy Russian.