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the Murderer of Anna Lind has appealed

the Murderer of head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sweden of Anna Lind has appealed in highest authority court. On MSG from Stockholm, it was declared by the representative of the Sovereign court of Sweden.

the Serbian immigrant Mihajlo Mihajlovich sentenced to a life imprisonment recognises the fault in murder of Lind. However asserts that murder was inadvertent. He insists that at the moment of fulfilment of this crime was able mental frustration and diminished responsibility.

Prigovor Mihajlo Mihajlovichu has been taken out on March, 23rd, 2004.

on September, 10th, 2003 in one of department stores of Stockholm Mihajlovich has attacked Lind who was that MOM W/ O protection, and has put to it some the knife wounds. Head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have taken to hospital, where to it operation, however, despite all efforts of doctors has been made, she has died.