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covering up traces, the Egyptian thief has burnt a vessel - hotel

the Ministering arson floating hostel in the Egyptian city of Aswan to hide theft of money.

as informs the Egyptian news agency of Maine, onboard floating hostel " Ms. Ajsedora " there were the foreign tourists going on excursion from Luxor to Aswan. The vessel - hotel has lighted up early in the morning on Tuesday. All lodgers managed to be evacuated QIK and nobody has suffered.

at investigation of the reasons of kindling firemen have established that fire has begun in a wooden case where the owner of a vessel stored a cash. The thief whom the police has QIK calculated and has detained, has stolen 4,7 thousand euro and more than 12 thousand Egyptian pounds/ about $2 thousand/ and, to hide a crime, has made an arson.

the damage several times exceeding the stolen sum is caused hostel.