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the Command " KAMAZ - the Master " became the winner of rally " Optik - 2000 - Tunis - 2004 "

Crew " KAMAZa " number 400 as a part of pilot Ilgizara Mardeeva, navigator Aydar Beljaeva, mechanic Edward Nikolaeva has provided the fifth victory of the team " KAMAZ - the Master " in popular North African race " Optik - 2000 - Tunis - 2004 " in a class of trucks.

as have informed " News " in a press - service of Kamsky car factory, in definitive classification " KAMAZ " at 3 o`clock 50 minutes and 27 seconds has outstripped the second prize-winner of rally - crew " Renault " number 407 led by Elizabeth Dzhasinto`s Portuguese pilot.

On the third step of a pedestal of winners of the next stage of draw of a World Cup on off-road rallies - to spot-checks the French crew " has risen; Mercedes " number 401 headed by Adelin Rimbaud. He has lost kamazovtsam 4 hours of 43 minutes of 37 seconds.

The Similar deal W such total female dominant for all history of draw of a World Cup yet was not. Crew of Mardeeva - unique from eight man`s crews which has managed to confront with unprecedented sports ambitions, to skill and a pressure of two autoladies ekstra - a class from commands " RENAULT TRU˝KS TRIF " and " EPSILON ".

" I consider that tasks in view - obkatat our beginner - mechanic Edward Nikolaeva to improve skills of Ilgizara Mardeeva, to fill up a tactical arsenal of the command with new receptions - our crew have executed completely. All has passed, as we and planned, W/ O failures, - the head of the command " has told; KAMAZ - the Master " Simeon Yakubov. - I 2 am very happy with result of tests in the conditions of rally of an advanced suspension bracket which will allow our racing truck to raise essentially smoothness of a course ".

the Tunisian rally " Optik - 2000 " It was spent in 23 - j time. This year on start there were 214 participants 27 countries: 96 motorcyclists, 108 cars and 10 trucks.