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Chejni: Washington does not support independence of Taiwan

the United States do not support independence of Taiwan as the vice-president of the USA Dick Cheney during a MTG with the vice-president of the Peoples Republic of China has declared on Tuesday in Beijing Tszen Tsihunom.

As have informed " News " the Chinese diplomatic sources, Chejni has underlined that the USA are attached to a policy " one China " following from three American - the Chinese joint communiques.

n W three-day working visit from Tokyo.

one of problems of visit of Chejni to China as observers in Beijing consider, is reduction of sphere of disagreements between the USA and the Peoples Republic of China, softening most thorny questions in the mutual relations one of which is Taiwan.

the director of department of the information Kun Tsjuan at a briefing in Beijing has declared the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Peoples Republic of China on Tuesday that China demands from the USA to refuse from " the erroneous policy " on sale of the American weapon to Taiwan. Kun Tsjuan has subjected to criticism American - the Chinese Certificate ABT mutual relations W Taiwan which has been countenanced by the Congress of the USA in 1979 and which regulates American - the Taiwan relations and will legalise sale of arms to Taipei.

the Chinese diplomat has declared that this document " undermines the sovereignty of China and is intervention in its internal affairs ". Meanwhile the Taiwan Ministry of Defence of Taiwan declared that intend to finish by June working out of the special budget on purchases of the American military technology and arms.

it is declared 2 that Taipei intends to spend approximately $15 billion US dollars for acquisition of eight diesel submarines, four missile-carrying destroyers, 12 fighting anti-submarine planes " Orion " and also systems of antimissile defence " Petriot " P - 3.