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the Government of the Russian Federation on Thursday will consider measures on increase of productivity of budgetary expenses

the Russian government on Thursday will consider measures on increase of productivity of budgetary expenses and reforming of budgetary process in the Russian Federation.

as has informed " News " the source in the government of the Russian Federation, in the documents presented by the Ministry of Finance on session of the government, is put by an overall objective creation of conditions 4 the maximum management of public finances according to state policy priorities.

similar measures enhance the responsibility and expand independence of participants of budgetary process and managers of budgetary funds. " the main task stated in the document, maintenance of transition from management of budgetary resources 2 management of results is. It not a new subject, it was introduced by many European countries " - has informed a source.

as the interlocutor " has explained; News " Unlike resource management during budgetary planning which is not aimed at indicators, management of result accurately co-ordinates W the purposes and state policy problems, and assignments are co-ordinated to the end result.

Besides, the Ministry of Finance is offered to change a method of planning and to pass from a cash method of the account 2 the account of a method of calculation.

in ministry documents offers on allocation of budgets of operating and accepted obligations according to which new obligations are accepted only 2 contain in case on their realisation financial resources are put. " in a word, it is offered to pass new laws only under concrete financial resources are the big disciplining factor in new budgetary process " - has underlined a source.

In offered measures perfection of the intermediate term financial planning which main idea is definition of structure and indicators of the intermediate term financial plan 2 appears.

according to the source in the government, the Ministry of Finance 2 suggests to reduce henceforth quantity of federal target programs (FTSP), to translate part FTSP, having uzkovedomstvennyj character, in conducting the ministries and departments. " development and expansion of scope of application programmno - target methods of budgetary planning allow those FTSP which solve uzkovedomstvennyj character, to develop to departments " - the interlocutor of agency has explained.

as he said, remains all a little FTSP, having strategic state value, and also solving large-scale, investment, scientifically - technical or structural problems. As has underlined a source, innovations in this question " present budgetary process " is mentioned;.

The Governmental source has informed that offers on perfection of budgetary system assume respective alterations in the legislation. Thus in case of entering of amendments into bills developers of a series of measures believe that terms of consideration of the budget in the State Duma will be reduced, 2 in the government hope to reduce number of readings of the budget W 4 - h B4 3 - h.