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the Chairman of the Central Electoral Committee of Georgia have not let in in Adzhariju

the Chairman of the Central Electoral Commission of Georgia Zurab Chiaberashvili have not let in on territory of Adzharii. As the head of the Central Electoral Committee has phoned to journalists, on administrative border W Adzhariej in a place of Choloki its car some honeycombs of inhabitants of an autonomy which have prevented its entrance in territory of Adzharii expected.

" I was met by some honeycombs of persons among which there was head of administration Kobuleti Tariel Halvashi who in conversation with me has told that can undertake nothing against the will of the population " - Chiaberashvili has told. As he said, he has suggested Halvashi to discuss all problem questions which have urged the population to refuse to the chairman of the Central Electoral Commission the admission on territory of Adzharii.

" I very much hope that the autonomy management understands that does, wherefore failure of elections is a penal crime for which it is necessary to respond " - Chiaberashvili has told.

The Head of the Central election committee of returning in Tbilisi intends to inform the president of Michael Saakashvili on a situation in Choloki and to demand from it the measures provided in such cases by the law.

earlier from territory of Adzharii representatives of the Central Electoral Committee, which profits in an autonomy 4 preparation of repeated parliamentary elections laying ahead on Sunday in two areas Adzharii have been turned out.