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the Ancestor of style of the BOS - Zhoao Donato is new the World famous Brazilian pianist will act W a concert in the Moscow conservatory

, the composer and arranger Zhoao Donato will act on April, 17th in the Big hall of the Moscow conservatory. The concert will pass W participation of the Brazilian trio " Kariokas " and Konstantin Orbeljana`s Moscow chamber orchestra.

the Numerous winner of the award of the Grammy, Donato is the founder of one of bright directions of a jazz - the BOS - are new. Throughout last 40 years the musician is known as a cult figure not only in Brazil, but also all over the world: its plates are on sale in huge circulations in Japan, the USA, Latin America and the Western Europe.

" in Russia I already in the third time, and Russian classical music has rendered on my creativity very much a great influence " - Donato on Wednesday on a press - conferences in Moscow has told. He has noticed that special emotions it are called always by Rakhmaninov`s second concert.

The Musician has informed that in a forthcoming concert its own compositions, and also products of other classic of modern Brazilian music - Carlos Zhobima will sound.

Donato has responded To a question on how it manages so to look well in the incomplete 70 years that it " simply it is not subject to any stresses ". " I am happy all 24 hours a day, EVN when to crying " - the well-known Brazilian admitted.