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the Police of Bruxelles will repatriate street prostitutes

During a round-up successfully spent yesternight by police of Bruxelles, 21 street prostitute is detained.

as has informed on Wednesday TV channel Ayr - Te - the Ale, among arrested persons - seven Bulgarians, four Romanians, seven representatives of the countries of Africa, and also one Dutchwoman, the Ecuadorian and the Albanian.

nine of the detained women of easy virtue are already subjected repattsii, more it is offered to two to leave limits of Belgium in the near future, the others are released.

the representative of the Bruxelles police has promised to spend round-ups of street prostitutes regularly. As he said, from inhabitants of areas where street trade in a body prospers, many complaints recently arrive. They were tired of noise by which the auction between clients and prostitutes every night is accompanied.