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Authorities of the capital: the problem of road reagents is exaggerated

Authorities of the capital consider a little exaggerated a problem of negative influence protivogololednyh reagents on footwear of Muscovites and a paw of dogs.

" the Main thing - to provide security of Muscovites, instead of to arrange from - for spoilt footwear and the dog paws of show " - head of a complex city hozjastva Peter Aksenov has told on Tuesday to journalists.

As he said, " in all cities of the world apply reagents are an or technical salt, or shchebenka, or chloride calcium and magnesium, and anywhere are not present such sensation ".

Aksenov has noticed that broken from - for ice of a hand and a foot - much bigger harm, than the spoilt footwear.

As to " problems of the dog paws " that, according to Aksenova, in Moscow is enough places 4 vygula dogs, including special platforms. " All these platforms are not processed and never processed protivogololednymi by reagents. Here it is necessary to observe simply necessary rules of the maintenance and vygula animals " - Aksenov considers.

Under its data, now at cleaning of stops protivogololednye reagents are not applied. However chemicals, Aksenov recognised, can get on the stops located along large highways as during hands-off processing by reagents of a road cloth they are sprayed for width of all line.