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the Expert: W/ O Kim Jong II`s decision any work

Kim Jong II`s Universal management in Democratic People`s Republic of Korea is not done allows local officials of various ranks to avoid responsibility and acceptance of own decisions, confirms Kim En Is young - the director of the CTR of researches of North Korean economy of the ministry for affairs of national association of Republic Korea.

" Time is Kim Jong II`s signature it is possible to avoid responsibility for errors. It is better to do something under its instructions, EVN knowing that it is wrong, than to be punished " - the Internet - a site of the South Korean newspaper " gives of a word of the expert; CHoson ilbo ".

This Kim En It is young tries to explain, Y everything that becomes in Democratic People`s Republic of Korea, proceeds on behalf of the head of the country Kim Jong II marking on Wednesday 63 - letie.

in 1996 when the country was captured by hunger, Kim Jong II has instructed to grow up goats 4 what the company " has been organised; Transformations of a grass into meat ". According to the expert, the idea was born after a MTG of the head of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea with the ambassador of this country in Switzerland Li Chholem who has told how the cattle breeding in Europe develops.

Party shots in all areas of the North Korea achieved creation of pastures similar to the Alpine meadows, however efforts have not crowned by success - the earths it has for this purpose appeared too little. ANY1 its free scrap is used to plant corn.

" Kim Jong II reads all documents of Labour party of Korea, the cabinet, the ministry of national armed forces, security departments. Its advisers and secretaries have almost nothing to do. For one week it overworks over 500 documents. On Kim Jong II report ANY1 trifle " - the researcher on the basis of certificates of the high-ranking deserters from Democratic People`s Republic of Korea confirms.

" W/ O Kim Jong II`s decision any work " is not done almost; - marks Kim En It is young. As he said, the leader of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea operates as head " small enterprise " urged to solve all problems itself from - for small scales of manufacture.

" Kim Jong II cannot escape from this though he is a head of the state. Therefore it faces condemnation that, despite the tactical skills, is not capable of strategic calculations of larger concepts " - the expert concludes.