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In the Russian prisons are more than 700 thousand persons

In imprisonment places in Russia are more than 700 thousand persons, the director of Federal Agency of execution of punishments of the Russian Federation Yury Kalinin has informed journalists.

" Recently number of prisoners has decreased more than on 360 thousand. For today in jails in Russia is 767 thousand persons, including 142 thousand - in a pre-trial detention centre " - Kalinin has told.

He has specified that more than 67 % of prisoners serve time for dangerous and especially dangerous crimes.

SPK about problems, head FSIN the Russian Federation has noticed that, first of all, they concern matelno - household maintenance. At the same time, he has noticed that " in nearby 60 % of a pre-trial detention centre abiding conditions are improved, repair is made and reconstruction " is spent;.

" Though on - former the quantity of people abiding in pre-trial detention centres, on 14 thousand persons exceeds the quantity ordered by norms, and it makes 11 %, more recently this number made about 140 thousand persons, that is 200 % " - has noted Kalinin.

the Most problem in this plan, as he said, are a pre-trial detention centre of Moscow, Moscow Region, Ssankt - Petersburg and Nizhni Novgorod.

" In total in 22 pre-trial detention centres of the country the chamber areas do not correspond to norms " - head FSIN of Russia has noted.

Besides, Kalinin has informed that now in system NP W a food, treatment and a personnel salary.