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Russia has played a pivotal role in acceptance of the Kiotsky report

Russia has played a pivotal role in start of mechanisms of the Kiotsky report, consider in Russian the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation is SPK about it, entered " in a MSG of department of the information and the press; News " on Wednesday.

" Russia, having ratified this document in November of last year, has played a pivotal role in start in action of the mechanisms of reduction of emissions provided in it and increase in absorbing of hotbed gases " - it is marked in a MSG.

In the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation specify what to predict efficiency of mechanisms of the Kiotsky report now difficult.

" Anyway the measures undertaken by the states - the parties of the Report concerning counteraction to global climate change, will assist introduction of new power saving up technologies and improvement of a state of environment " - have underlined in the Russian foreign policy department.

In the ministry 2 have underlined that " viability of the report will depend on readiness of other countries, first of all the largest emitters of hotbed gases, to join 2 kiotskomu to process ".

" It will be defined during the further negotiations on this point in question " - it is underlined in the arrived MSG.

the Kiotsky report 2 the frame convention of the United Nations on the climate change, coming into force on February, 16th and having the purpose to reduce environmental contamination, has been signed in 1997 on taken place in Kyoto under the aegis of the United Nations the international summit.

Participants of the summit have incurred the obligation to reduce on the average on 5,2 % emissions carbonic and other harmful gases in atmosphere of the Earth by 2012. For a reference point volumes of 1990 are accepted.