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Pioneers of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea have sworn fidelity to Kim Jong II

Under the slogan " it is Always ready for the sake of commander Kim Jong II! " in Pyongyang the republican meeting of the Korean pioneers on the occasion of marked on Wednesday 63 - letija the leader of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea Kim Jong II has opened.

As has informed the central radio of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea, the meeting solemnly passed in the Pyongyang palace of sports W participation of high party shots, representatives of parliament and the country government. To group of schoolboys red pioneer ties for the first time have been tied.

" All pioneers should equal on the childhood and youth of commander Kim Jong II and to be going to become reliable continuers has put revolutions W a support on army, builders of powerful power, Gud study and organizational life to glorify as a mark of nice victories this anniversary 60 - letija Labour party of Korea and 60 - letija revival (clearing) of the native land " - the first secretary of the Union of socialist youth Kim Ir Sena Kim Gen Ho has declared on a meeting.

According to South Korean agency Renhap, in the ranks of pioneers in Democratic People`s Republic of Korea is B4 three millions children at the age from seven till 13 years.

the Pioneer trace - only one of a series of actions for a case of B`DAY of Kim Jong II in Democratic People`s Republic of Korea along with concerts, competitions and ceremonial meetings.

Mass media in Democratic People`s Republic of Korea in eager rivalry glorify the leader of the country contrary to the hearings extended in the end of the last year by a foreign press ABT a dethronement of a cult of personality of Kim Jong II.

" High honouring of the great head of the nation of commander Kim Jong II as the sun 21 - go is centuries the higher glory and the higher happiness of our compatriots and mankind " - confirms the Central cable agency of Korea (TSTAK).

the Pyongyang radio has from its part presented Kim Jong II as " The Messiah of association of the native land " and itself " the future " incorporated Korea.

Since 1995 on the occasion of Kim Jong II`s B`DAY to North Korean inhabitants two days off are guaranteed.