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the President Bush arrives to Slovakia W official visit

the President of the United States of America George Bush arrives on Wednesday to Slovakia W official visit.

Predictably, the plane of the American president will land near Bratislava at 7 o`clock in the evening local time (21. 00 Moscow time). The Direct transmission of an arrival of Bush to Slovakia will be conducted by Slovak national TV channel " the Two ".

On the threshold of visit head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovak Republic Edward Kukan declared that within the limits of visit to Bratislava George Bush will meet the president of Slovakia Ivan Gashparovichem, the speaker of parliament Pavolom Grushovsky and the prime minister - the minister of the country Mikulashem Dzurindoj. All these MTGs will pass before the summit Putin - Bush, the day planned for second half on February, 24th.

the Head of Slovak foreign policy department 2 has informed that the American president will make speech to inhabitants of Bratislava on the Gvezdoslavovsky area in the CTR of capital of Slovakia.

" the President Bush very much wanted to be C W representatives of the Slovak people during the visit, and we are glad to inform that have organised such public event in the open air. It becomes the CTR of its visit and will be FOC accessible to all citizens of Slovakia " - has underlined Kukan.

On the threshold of visit of the American president on the area with might and main there is a construction of a special scene 4 Bush`s performance. Nearby there is a hostel " Karlton " where there will live the American delegation, and the area two days prior to event has been providently protected by metal lattices, and access of public there has been limited.

It is provided vant and that in case of bad weather performance will be transferred to a building of a Slovak philharmonic society - a Bratislava palace " the Redoubt ".

In interview to Slovak television on the threshold of the European tour George Bush so has proved a choice of visitation of Slovakia: " I always felt that the countries like Slovak Republic are of interest for the world as a whole, but also you know, how I believe in freedom, and Slovakia is the country which succeeds in this point in question ". " It will be a high point of my trip " - the US president has added.

As to subjects of forthcoming negotiations of Bush with a Slovak management among the main things interaction of the USA and Slovakia within the limits of the NATO, and also in post-war arrangement of Iraq is called.

Besides, in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Slovakia have expressed hope that the problem of reception of the American visas citizens of Slovakia becomes one of important subjects which will be mentioned during negotiations W the US president.

Bush admitted interview to television of Slovakia, truth not at once that is informed on a visa problem and has promised, if not the prompt results, then the WRK beginnings over this question.

" This question rises our friends often enough, and we try to work over it " - Bush has assured.

" the old policy which should be reconsidered and updated Takes place, considering new realities of Slovak Republic, Poland or the Czech Republic " - he has noted.

the US president 2 has specified that already " SPK Kondi Rice (US State Secretary) that it is necessary to reach confidence concerning that the visa policy is fair and balanced ".