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the Commission the IOC has examined objects of the Olympic demand of New York

to Acquaintance with the key objects appearing in the demand of New York on carrying out of summer Olympic games of 2012, the Estimated commission has devoted all the Tuesday long the IOC.

Thirteen inspectors led by champion Los - Andzhelesa in run on 400 metres W barriers marokkankoj Naval Mutavakel have visited the National tennis CTR and a planned place of erection of the Olympic village on river bank Ist - River in Queens, is sports - a concert complex " Madison - square - garden " and a platform under the main arena of games on Vest - sajde Manhattan.

On the same route organizers have taken also journalists who in two points were crossed W inspectors, but vainly tried to find out their impressions from C and heard: it is forbidden to committee-men to be voiced publicly on a trip course. They will give the estimations only after visitation of all five cities - applicants in the special written report which should be ready to the end of May - to the beginning of June.

For reception of the Estimated commission and the actions dated for its visit, application committee of New York has allocated $3 million. On Monday in support of carrying out of Games in the largest city of the USA on a skating rink in Rockefeller - the CTR meeting of the public and performance of the Olympic champion of 1994 of Ukrainian Oksana Bajul have taken place, on Tuesday on the Central park ran marafontsy, and on Wednesday on 5 - j avenues will demonstrate young gymnasts led by legendary Romanian Nadej Komenechi, her husband, the American champion Los - Andzhelesa Bart Konnerom and the magnate of real estate Donald Trampom. All

According to the chief executive of committee Dzheja Krigela, bargaining chips of New York in struggle against Paris, LDN, Moscow and Madrid - an arrangement of the majority of sports objects and the main thing a press - the CTR in radius of 2,5 kilometres from a skyscraper of Empajr - stejt - bilding, presence already now in city centre of 10 thousand hotel rooms also is unique motley ethnic structure of the population. " we have translators from 170 languages and restaurants of NE ethnic cuisine, - Krigel to journalists has told. - any command will not test here a lack of fans ".

the General budget nju - jorkskogo application committee exceeds $3 billion. As has underlined in conversation W " News " committee-man Mike Moran, " New York guarantees performance of all investment projects and delivery in time all objects ". On a question on, a leah calls organizers of fears a situation W safety, he has responded that after September, 11th, 2001 New York became the most safe city in

the Main unresolved problem 4 nju - jorkskogo application committee there is a question on building of the Olympic arena. Against stadium erection on a place of present alternate routes of railway station " Pennsylvania stejshn " local residents and family Dolanov owning located on neighbourhood Madison - square - gardenom act. The first believe that the huge construction will make a transport situation on Vest - sajde absolutely catastrophic, and the second are afraid that the new stadium will deprive of their considerable part of incomes. So, Dolany have made an application on redeeming at the transport authorities this site for $600 million, on what the mayor of New York Michael Blumberg named behaviour of family " Antiamerican ".

On Tuesday members of application committee aspired to smooth as much as possible a sharpness vest - sajdskogo the conflict. As has promised to journalists of Dzhej Krigel, the civil-engineering design of stadium in the total cost of $1,4 billion will RCV " green light " already the nearest two MTH.