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Head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran hopes for negotiations from EU

the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Iran Kamal Harrazi has expressed hope that negotiating process W the European Union will remove fears concerning the Iranian nuclear programs.

" we Hope that during negotiations W three European countries (Great Britain, France and Germany) all existing fears under the Iranian nuclear programs will be removed and atmosphere of deep and mutual trust " will be created; - Harrazi to journalists on Wednesday has told.

As he said, " according to the arrangements, available fears concerning a possible deviation of Iran from the obligations to IAEA will be liquidated ".

" However Iran 2 should be convinced that the European Union takes serious steps and is attached to the obligations on granting to Islamic Republic of the advanced nuclear technologies, capital investments and security guarantees " - head has noted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Concerning charges of the USA to Iran concerning intentions to create atomic weapons, Harrazi has declared that " all charges of Washington are groundless, have no proofs and urged to strengthen political pressure upon Teheran ".

" IAEA completely supervises the Iranian nuclear programs and repeatedly declared that no documents bearing to manufacture in the country of atomic weapons, exist " - the head of the Iranian foreign policy department has added.

He has once again declared a peace orientation of nuclear programs of Iran and has CFMed that all workings out in nuclear sphere are conducted with a view of electric power manufacture for needs of the country.