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In China on a new place the whole city

In China on a new place will be transferred the whole city will be transferred, Sinhua reports.

According to plan of building of an electrotechnical construction " Three gorges " on the river Jantszy, the city of Dachan will be deluged by a water basin.

Local authorities plan to transfer completely a city on the new place located in five kilometres from the present.

WRK on dismantling of houses have already begun. Builders mark ANY1 brick and ANY1 log to avoid problems at building construction on a new place.

Together with houses on a new place the part of inhabitants will move also. It is supposed that new Dachan becomes the popular tourist CTR.

the City has been based in 286 year of our era. In it сохранилaсь unique architecture of epoch of a dynasty of Mines (1368 - 1644) and Cin (1644 - 1911).