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From the Netherlands it decided to send the next radical imam

to the Power of the Netherlands have made decision to send from the country of one more radical imam, the largest Dutch newspaper " has informed on Thursday; telehraaf ".

On Tuesday the minister of affairs of foreigners and integration Rita Ferdonk has declared intention to deprive of residence permit in the Netherlands three other imams preaching radical ideas in a mosque " Al - Furkaan " in Eindhoven. The minister believes that they pose threat to a public order and national bezopanosti.

By data " telehraaf " in the fourth case it is a question of the Muslim ecclesiastic preaching in a mosque " Iskender Pasa Kamii " in Rotterdam. As the newspaper writes, this imam already 2DAY will plant in the plane and will send in the country from which it when - that has arrived to the Netherlands as it is established that it preached hatred and called for jihad.

Imams from Eindhoven at which want to select residence permit, are going to declare the official protest against this intention Dutch the authorities.