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Alexander Bushkov`s book " Is published; Stalin. An ice throne "

In Russia the new book of the writer and historian Alexander Bushkov - " is published; Stalin. An ice throne ".

In the book the events occurring in life of Joseph Stalin last two decades of his life are described.

Along with unique historical matelami and photos, the author over the last 50 years publishes for the first time one of Lavrentija Berii key reports.

" At me very simple method, I want, that the history was the huge account book and if the person has made something large is it should be marked, if it has committed a crime is too it should be marked " - has told on a press - conferences in " News " devoted to an appearance of the book, Bushkov.

" I not the pioneer. At us over the last 5 years left not less than 20 most interesting books which treat Stalin in a quiet key. They try to show real historical processes " - the writer has added.

In the book activity of the hero of the Great Patriotic War - marshal Zhukov 2 is analysed.

Bushkov`s Books " Stalin. The red monarch " " Stalin. An ice throne " " Russia which was not. The slavonic book of damnations " and " Russia which was not. Guards century " the new literary project 4 fans of historical sensations " opens; Mysteries of history ".