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the New Teheran airport, probably, has been closed from - for technical problems

Under the informal data, the new Teheran international airport of a name of imam Khomeini, put into operation on May, 8th current year, has been closed from - for technical problems.

" after the first landing of an air bus from Dubai/ the United Arab Emirates/ has given take-off - a landing strip that has not allowed to use further the airport placed in operation " - has informed " News " a source in the state aviation company " Iranejr ".

" the Territory of the new airport is in area of a marsh zone, some changes of level of soil in process of influence on it " therefore are not excluded; - have explained in the Iranian seismological organisation.

the international airport of a name of imam Khomeini was under construction more than 36 years, its introduction in operation postojano was postponed.

On May, 8th the airport has been put into operation personally by the minister of roads and transport of Iran Ahmad Horramom. However the same day the Joint Staff of armed forces of Iran has for safety reasons closed the airport.

on appeared after the information, the airport have closed under the decree of the president of Iran Mohammad Khatami. As the deputy chief of Joint Staff Ali Reza Afshar, " has declared; measures on airport closing have been undertaken after the coordination with Khatami ". The president " has disagreed with opinion of a management of the state aviation companies which have given to the foreign companies the basic share holding on airport service " - Afshar has told.

At the same time, as they say in entered " News " an official statement of Joint Staff VS of Iran, officials of the airport have not been fulfil requirements and instructions of the High council of national security of Iran.

The First passengers of airline have suffered from inconsistency of state structures of Iran and nereshennosti technical problems " Emirejts ". Landing of an air bus from Dubai has coincided with ceremony of commissioning of the new airport therefore passengers long could not get to an airport building. Then the aviaterminal was surrounded by division of armed forces of Iran.

the second plane from Dubai under the Joint Staff decree has been directed in Isfagan, and then it in two hours of parking have sent in the old Teheran airport " Mehrabad ".

According to sources " News " the new Teheran airport should pass independent international examination about possibility of its use.