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In Murmansk find out causes of the fire in shopping centre

a Cause of the fire, almost destroyed on the night of May, 9th one of large trading cents of Murmansk " Northern Nagornoe " there could be a short circuit.

> as have informed " News " in management GO and CHS on Murmansk area, the fire has begun in two-storeyed shopping centre on May, 8th at 23 o`clock 30 minutes. This MOM sellers round-the-clock wine - the vodka department located on the ground floor of a building, have heard some the loud claps distributed from trading sections. Sellers have C at once open fire which began to extend QIK towards facade show-windows, the premise was QIK filled with a smoke then light has gone out.

within 20 minutes shopping centre protection tried to extinguish fire by own strength, having organised evacuation of people being in a building. The MSG on kindling has arrived on the panel of fire protection at 23 o`clock 52 minutes.

By the time of kindling in shopping centre where 2 in a cellar one of popular discos in a city " is located; the Pilot " and on the second floor one of the pubs most visited in Murmansk " Kabanchik " there were nearby 400 persons. In GO and CHS have noticed that thanks to competent actions of firemen and protection of a building of victims it was possible to avoid. Three workers of shopping centre who have got burns of hands of the third degree have suffered.

on the CTR ground floor there were 59 shops (five of them worked round the clock) which have been completely destroyed by fire.

transition of fire to the second floor managed to be avoided, - have noted in GO and CHS. There have specified that 10 fire-engines, 67 firemen took part in fire liquidation, seven links gazo - smoky protection.

on fire liquidation it was required about six hours. As have informed " News " In the Department of Internal Affairs of Murmansk area, 4 finding-out of the reasons of kindling in Murmansk it is created special operatively - an investigation team. In the Department of Internal Affairs exclude possibility of act of terrorism and short circuit versions in electroconducting tend.

claps which were heard B4 the beginning of kindling by sellers, could be called short circuit in the electroconducting which is under a high voltage.

at the same time in the Department of Internal Affairs have not excluded possibility of excitation of criminal case in case the fault of concrete persons will be revealed.

the amount of damage, put by fire, is established. In GO and CHS have specified that from the beginning of year it already the fifth burnout in Murmansk area. In January, February and April, 2004 in region have burnt down four two-storeyed wooden houses therefore more than 60 persons remained without a roof over the head.