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surnames of Russians, podvergshihsja to an attack in Iraq

In the company " Are named; Interenergoservis " named names and surnames three Russians, podvergshihsja to armed attack in Iraq .

It is Alexey Viktorovich Konorev 1960 year of birth, Alexander Viktorovich Gordienko 1976 year of birth and Andrey Nikolaevich Meshcherjakov 1970 year of birth. On it has informed " News " the director " Interenergoservisa " under the international projects Evgenie Loginov.

the car in which there were three Russians, has undergone to bombardment Monday afternoon. One person has been killed, and two others were are taken in hostages.

Loginov has not specified, who from Russians was lost as a result of bombardment. " the person who is engaged in an identification of a body killed, has not returned yet. Therefore we cannot tell now who from the listed Russians was lost. There is an assumption that is Konorev " - Loginov has told.

Meshcherjakov has worked in Iraq long enough, and Konorev and Gordienko have arrived to Iraq in the beginning of May.