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the Mayoralty of Teheran has appointed date of demonstrative installation of a memorial plate W names of victims in irano - to the Iraq war

the Mayoralty of the Iranian capital has appointed to Friday installation of a memorial plate W names of the Iranians who were lost during time irano - the Iraq war (1980 - 1988), have informed on Wednesday " News " in a press - service of the Teheran mayoralty. The memorial plate will be in a pointed manner established opposite to embassy of Germany in Iran.

the relatives of the victims who have suffered from the chemical weapon people, representatives of the mayoralty and armed forces of Iran will take part in ceremony.

" because Germany is included into the list of the countries which have assisted a mode of Saddam Hussein in creation of the chemical weapon which has been used against Iran in war W Iraq, Iran intends to establish opposite to the German embassy memolnuju a board W names of the lost citizens of Iran " - have noted earlier " News " in the Teheran mayoralty.

The Given circumstance, according to local experts, bears to increase irano - the German conflict.

experts are convinced that this action of Iran is reciprocal step on the decision of the Berlin authorities to set up in Berlin memolnuju a board W names of four Iranian Kurds killed in 1992 during explosion of restaurant " Mikonus ". On the established board it is written: " Killed by a ruling Iranian mode were lost for freedom and human rights ".

Official Teheran has sharply negatively reacted to the decision of the Berlin authorities. In the end of April the ambassador of Germany in Iran Paul the Background - Maletson has been called in the Iranian foreign policy department where the sharp protest has been made to it.

Germany while has not reacted in any way to actions of Iran. As have declared " News " in the German embassy in Iran, " the government of Germany regrets for this erroneous step which is undertaken by local authorities of Berlin. Berlin hopes that the happened will not put a damage important irano - to the German cooperation ".