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the Natsbank of Moldova has suspended dollar exchange rate falling

In Moldova prompt falling of dollar in relation to Moldavian leju is suspended. As has informed " News " the vice-president of National bank of Moldova (NBM) Marin Moloshag, has taken unprecedented measures for deduction of dollar exchange rate NMB - Natsbank, having entered the open market, bought up the considerable sums of currency.

these steps are made after in record-breaking short terms - from the beginning of current year - the exchange rate has changed W 13,7 B4 10,5 leev for $1. A number of measures 4 softening of working conditions of exporters regarding terms of return of the currency involved in transactions is undertaken 2.

now the situation was stabilised, believes vice-president NBM. The Natsbank of Moldova can affect at any moment a parity leja and foreign currencies.

However, as has noted Moloshag, marked last one and a half MTH of races of exchange rate there is not a reason, and a consequence of the unfortunate trends registered in Moldova - first of all, occurrences of considerable weight sent to republic labour migrants " cheap " dollars and euro. Currency " guest workers " put only in a consumer segment of the market, but not in manufacture of the goods and services, " presses " on a situation.