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the Israeli helicopters three Palestinians fire at the city of Gaza

At least are killed and nearby 20 are wounded on Wednesday as a result of rocket attacks from the Israeli helicopters on a quarter az - Zejtun in the city of Gaza. Under the Palestinian data, among wounded men - the woman and two girls.

as has informed " News " a source in the Israeli army, helicopters provide air cover of operation on search of remains of six killed on the eve of the Israeli soldiers. In a quarter az - Zejtun, has told it, armoured forces and infantry are concentrated krypnye.

fire from air is conducted on groups of the armed Palestinian insurgents which put explosives on city streets and prepare ambushes on the Israeli armies W application of anti-tank grenade cup discharges and armour-piercing shells. In streets of Gaza there is violent fighting, but operation on returning of bodies of victims will proceed, the representative of army has declared.

The day before on the land mine put by Palestinians the Israeli armoured troop-carrier transporting about 100 kg of an explosive was undermined. Fragments of an armoured car and fragments of bodies of six soldiers have been scattered for hundreds metres.

pulled together in az - Zejtun of an army conduct careful combing of district in search of remains of the lost military men. Divisions of the brigade deployed in Gaza Strip " Givati " blow up doors of houses, search roofs of buildings and courtyards.

the government of the country has on Tuesday evening made decision to leave army grouping in the city of Gaza before all remains will be found out.

the Palestinian groupings HAMAS and " Islamic jihad " assert that a part of fragments of bodies of israelites are at them in hands and EVN have shown a bag W human remains on local television.

At the desire of the Israeli authorities, the International Geneva cross carries on negotiations W insurgents for the purpose of returning of remains to the Israeli party. Intermediary mission was incurred also by the chief of the Egyptian reconnaissance service Omar Sulejman.

the Head of the Palestinian national administration Yasser Arafat as the radio station " informs; Galej TSAHAL " has disposed to confiscate kept by insurgents in Gaza fragments of bodies of israelites " out of respect for dead ".

Meanwhile, round the city of Gaza are concentrated it is unprecedented large forces of the Israeli army. Gaza Strip is divided into three parts which are completely isolated from each other. Quarter az - Zejtun is taken in a dense ring of the Israeli armies.