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Belarus will create polar station?

Belarus should hurry with creation of polar station. Such opinion was voiced today at a meeting with the first deputy of the chairman of presidium of National academy of Sciences of Belarus Peter Vitjazem by the special representative of the president of Russia on the international cooperation in Arctic regions and Antarctic, the president of the Russian polar academy Arthur Tchilingarov, informs BelTA.

According to Arthur Tchilingarov, it is necessary to sign, first of all, mezhpravsoglashenie about interaction of Belarus and Russia on ice continent.

Time leaves, it is time to Belarus to become the full participant of the Antarctic researches. It is necessary to sign the agreement, and I will report on it today the prime minister - to the minister of Belarus on Michael Myasnikovich - the known polar explorer has noted.

In its opinion, signing of the intergovernmental agreement is possible at session of allied Sovmina which is planned for March, 15th. Arthur Tchilingarov also has suggested Belarus to create state commission by a principle Russian up to the mark to organise polar researches.

It is necessary, that this problem was not only a problem of Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of natural resources and preservations of the environment, but also the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other state bodies - it has explained. As he said, in many countries of the world scientists, and first of all researchers of the Minister of Defence are engaged in polar researches not.

the Known polar explorer also has noted necessity of formation for Belarus modern centre of polar researches. Such centre in Belarus is today, however he demands deeper filling by a science and logistics. In turn the first deputy of the chairman of presidium NAN Peter Vitjaz was converted to Arthur Tchilingarov with the request to consider prospects of interaction of Belarus and Russia in Antarctica within the limits of Union State.