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Michael Formuzal has officially entered a post bashkana

Today in Komrate in 10. 00 inauguration   has taken place; Michael Formuzal on   fast bashkana Gagauzii.

In official ceremony has taken part temporarily fulfilling duties of the president   Moldova and the chairman of parliament Marian the Magnifier.  
the Management of the Public gathering of Gagauzii declared the nonparticipation. In a statement extended by a legislature of Gagauz Eri, it is said that an executive office   Komrata, counter with operating legislative frameworks has not co-ordinated date   introductions into a post bashkana with the Public gathering.
Ceremony should take place within the limits of special session of the Public gathering, instead of in Recreation centre Komrata, as   it has been declared.   the similar position is supported also by Movement New Gagauzija Headed primarom gagauzskoj capitals Nikolay Dudoglo, the former opponent of Michael Formuzala on elections bashkana.  
In the second tour of elections on December, 26th present bashkan has bypassed   Dudoglo approximately on 2 percent of votes. Primar Komrata has protested results of elections in court, having complained of numerous falsifications during time   votings.
After the process proceeding of some weeks, Appeal   court Komrata all - taki has confirmed   results of elections.