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the Hammer - Prikamye has led the best match in a season and has won against leader VHL

the Spectators who have come on Friday on a match « the Hammer - Prikamye » - « the Ruby » have not regretted seconds about spent time. The match has not simply justified expectations, and even has surpassed them. Met at that point in time the fourth - « the Hammer » and the first - « the Ruby » commands of the Higher hockey league. Only this fact already automatically arrested interest to game. But commands have given out the present thriller, despite like a convincing bill 3:0 in favour of owners. If to abstract from figures permjaki have given out, perhaps, while the best match of a season, even despite not the best match from visitors.

Well actually same not ours, and their problems. Number « the Ruby » precisely did not leave. It is possible to name this game in any degree « Swedish ». Legionaries have participated In all three washers from Sweden – Hult and Burlin have hammered on a washer, and same Hult and Bergkvist have given out all on a goal pass (the first washer Arekaev has hammered. – Red.) . But it is impossible to name Swedes the best players of a match unequivocally. Were good all « molotobojtsy ». That there is at least a game of goalkeeper Vitaly Evdokimova which has not simply played very reliably, but also has made in the third period extreme sejv in a jump a la Dominik Gashek.

that visitors gave all the best, brilliant game of their goalkeeper Adeksandra Sudnitsina who has beaten off many of very dangerous throws and a nervous breakdown « bears; rubinovtsa » Bezrukov in the end of game. For a minute of 1 minutes 48 seconds Till the end of a match the judge for a footboard has removed the player of visitors Sergey Sevastyanov. And there and then Artem Buzrukov was voiced towards the judge, from - for what too has been removed. But further nerves have served its purpose – sitting on a bench it some times from all force has struck a stick about the protective glass separating a platform. Then on a broader scale has wanted in hand-to-hand to battle to the judge. And when it on a broader scale have sent in a locker room has on the way repeated the firm blow by a stick on everything that will get. Fortunately, to people has not got …

- With egodnja I have seen burning eyes. Self-return and pressing forward were. Questions any are not present. Evdokimov has fine played. Though, and Kuzmin in Tyumen too has played « on a zero ». Game is worthy plej - off. From our party, anyway , - the trainer permjakov Nikolay Vanin has told after a match.

and then in the style has added a tar spoon, having told that is not pleasant to it when the command alternates similar bright victories to disgraceful losses.

we Will be glad for « the Hammer - Prikamye » also we do not forget that already on Sunday, on February, 13th, in Perm the next match will take place. This time in rivals Kurgan « Zauralye ». The beginning – at 17 o`clock.

Look the photo report: « the Hammer - Prikamye has won against leader VHL »