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The first monument to the enamoured will appear on quay of the river of Vologda

the Monument enamoured in the form of huge two-metre heart will fill up « shorts - sheet » the Vologda unusual constructions. It will appear this summer on quay in the centre of Vologda, in square between Alexander Nevsky`s church and a building peduniversiteta in the street Sergey Orlova.

is there will be a monument in the form of two bent leaves which grow from the earth and twist a little, - has told to the correspondent « » the author of the project of a monument, the student of the fourth year of VoGTU Anna Ugletsova. - From above they support a droplet, symbolising unity enamoured, their tenderness and mutual support.

Height of the future composition almost two and a half metre, and its length hardly less than two metres. As a material it decided to use stainless steel.

the Monument will appear on quay in square between Alexander Nevsky`s church and peduniversitetom in the street Sergey Orlova.
the Photo: from personal archive of Anna Ugletsovoj

According to Anna, a monument hoped to open today, 14 - go February. Money for building together with adherents have already collected and even have co-ordinated the project with the Mayor.

But coordination procedure in other instances was tightened. Now documents are in Department of culture and protection of objects of a cultural heritage of the Vologda area. Officials in doubts: a leah will be entered a new monument in an architectural ensemble.

- the Monument will stand in the historical centre of Vologda, and it is necessary, that it there was entered, - the future architect argues. - the idea of the forged elements has come to to me mind for this reason. It is necessary, that the monument has not destroyed the general structure of ensemble which has developed on the Kremlin Square.

Anna Ugletsova considers that in Vologda there are no thematic monuments.
a photo: from personal archive of Anna Ugletsovoj

While in Vologda for enamoured is only « the Love Bench » on Pushkin and in park VRZ yes « the Reconciliation Bench » in the street Blagoveshchensk. Anna Ugletsova considers that our city does not have not enough vivacity.

- At us basically monuments to victims, and here in Moscow and in Petersburg many thematic monuments, - have explained Anja. - it is simple for improvement of the shape of a city. For example, in capital there is a monument to a curd cake « Friendship ». And it obviously does not suffice Vologda.

« Fontant love » in Volgograd.
a photo: Andrey MIREJKO

By the way

11 - go January of this year in the centre of Vologda there was an unusual construction. Unknown jokers blinded a snow phallus in October square near to a monument « Runaway from a hell ». But four-metre the symbol of man`s worthiness has existed not for long. A brigade « Zelenstroja » has arrived into place in the same evening and has destroyed a composition.

And as at them

In many cities of Russia is « Benches enamoured » and « Love bridges ». There there is newly-married couple more often to make some photos for memory.

Enamoured of Ekaterinburg.
a photo: Love MIHAJLOVA

In other cities, for example, in Kazan is metal « a love Tree » on which as a sign of eternal love wedding steams hang up locks.

In Tyumen on Avenue of a newly-married couple there is the small sculpture symbolising a young loving couple.

the Unusual monument of love is in Penza . There in city centre crude cobble-stones - « lie; love Stones ». Fortunately it is necessary to be taken for a stone. Some try so, what even lay down on stones.

the Favourite place of all enamoured Volgograd became « a love Fountain ». In the composition centre - a bronze sculpture of the young man and its beloved between which beats a fountain.

« love Sphere » in Chelyabinsk.
a photo: from site archive « »

the Monument to a loving couple is and in Ekaterinburg . Earlier near the girl were also bronze shoes, in which it was necessary to rise to find happiness in love. But them have pulled down through nesoklko months after monument opening.

And here in Barnaul on the Socialist prospectus there is an enamoured admirer with a rose in a hand and cannot wait in any way the favourite.

the biggest monument symbolising love and marriage, - in Chelyabinsk. Dvenadtsatimetrovaja « love Sphere » represents a huge dome from the blue glass, supported by four metal trees. Under a dome - four-metre figures of the young man and the girls flying on a meeting each other.

it is fast in Blagoveshchensk near to the REGISTRY OFFICE there will be a monument to Peter and Fevronii, whose day - on July, 8th - can be considered as Russian Valentine day.