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Inspectors have detained one more suspect on the case of a fire in a warehouse in Perm

Investigation of a terrible fire in Perm proceeds. Inspectors have detained one more suspect. I will remind that on one of versions a cause of death at least 8 persons became not observance of fire prevention rules. With details our correspondent Alena Smirnova . The general director of a warehouse and its assistant have been the day before arrested.

- On Sunday on the case of a fire in a warehouse « Kama - the Trade » in Perm the third suspect has been detained. He/she is the assistant to the general director of Open Company « Kama - the Trade » it was responsible for fire-prevention security and a labour safety in all organisation. The question on a preventive punishment is now solved. Today on a tragedy place works on dismantle of a building and clearing of territory from building garbage proceed. Work jut inspectors and Investigatory committee. Two days they worked without interruption. The input on warehouse territory is surrounded the fifth day by police officers. And employees of bases who are in the neighbourhood, cannot get on the workplaces. The matter is that relatives who so can tell nothing about destiny of the relatives and wait till now, when something it will tell, with them 15 psychologists from the Ministry of Emergency Measures work. For yesterday on a tragedy place 16 fragments of the scorched bodies were revealed. And while inspectors cannot tell, to whom they belong. Have appointed all necessary genetic examinations. On - former quantity of lives which has carried away are terrible j a fire, remains on the same figures, as were to days off. 8 persons are considered as victims, two workers are till now in hospital and 10 persons – missing persons.