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The Ulyanovsk schoolboys will write down audiobooks

the Unusual action   with the speaking name « Read not only for itself » starts on February, 17th. Products of the greatest fellow countrymen   last years of which the Simbirsk Ulyanovsk edge is proud, will begin to sound new voices. Children`s voices of descendants - children of 21 centuries. Organizers of the action of a steel of culture establishment: the Ulyanovsk regional library for children and youth of a name of Aksakov, the Ulyanovsk regional special library for blind, the Ulyanovsk regional theatre of the young spectator « Nebolshoy theatre ».

the Action will allow active readers of library   to take part in creation of a series of audiobooks, first of which becomes the audioversion of the manual for 5 - 8 classes « Literary study of local lore ».

Today the audiobook is not only way of pleasant carrying out of leisure, but frequently and one of few means of noegenesis for   The people having problems with sight. Certainly, presently the television and radio, but, unfortunately, are accessible to them infrequently on air of federal funds of the mass information will hear Karamzin`s poems,   Minaev, Jazykova. Children do not know names of descendants of which should be proud. And it in a root not correctly. And the situation needs to be broken.

By the way, on February, 17th otmashku and action start the governor promised to give. Sergey Morozov should write down the reference to children. Besides, pupils of boarding school will take part in action opening for visually impaired children.

Organizers hope that the action will be scale! In the opening day of the action children can get acquainted with a variety of formats of the books existing in a society, to become participants of the first employment from a series « good Lessons » Which will teach them to notice, first of all, those who nearby, and the first the master - a class on creation of the audiobook under the direction of actors of the Ulyanovsk regional theatre of the young spectator « Nebolshoy theatre ». The same day work on record of the book which will proceed within all year will begin. To participation in record all interested persons are invited.