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Krasnoyarsk citizens, selling apartment, can not pay the tax

In a press - the newspaper centre has taken place a direct line on a subject of property and social tax deductions. Tax specialists have explained to Krasnoyarsk citizens:   who, in what volume has the right to reception of tax deductions from the budget. The most widespread and essential deductions - on apartment purchase. Buying habitation in the property, all working Krasnoyarsk citizens have the right to return themselves of 13 percent from the purchase sum (no more than 2 000 000 roubles). For example, has bought apartment for 2 000 500 roubles, you will receive only c 2 000 000, that is, no more   260 000 roubles. How - a choice for you. Money   can list on bank   or the employer will not keep a card with yours   salaries of 13 percent every month. The only stipulation – you should be officially employed, that is initially pay these most 13 percent of the tax. But, it appears, to the working person favourably not only to buy apartment, but also to sell. If have sold habitation which owned more than three years – to pay the tax from sale it is absolutely not necessary. If less   – it is necessary to pay from all sum behind a minus 1   000   000.