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Two fighters will open theatrical festival in Khabarovsk

At 18:30 at Regional musical theatre performance « will be shown; Two fighters »   which premiere has taken place in Khabarovsk in April of the last year – it also will open festival. The next days on the Khabarovsk and Komsomol theatrical platforms will pass the best statements created for year by creative collectives of edge. And the round table is appointed to February, 21st following the results of festival on which there will be a chairman and members of the competitive commission, heads of theatrical collectives, representatives of the ministry of culture of edge and mass-media. A main objective of this creative meeting – to make representation about a modern theatrical situation in edge, to analyse its problems, to discuss   prospects of development of art.

professional collectives of Regional musical theatre, Regional drama theatre, theatre of the young spectator and theatre of dolls of the Khabarovsk regional association of children`s theatres,   will Compete among themselves this year; pantomime theatre « the Triad » and also Komsomol - on - the Cupid of city drama theatre, Komsomol - on - the Cupid of theatre of the young spectator, theatre KNAM.

the festival Program can be seen on a site of the government of Khabarovsk territory gov. khabkrai. ru, and the additional information to receive by phones 30 - 41 - 26, 32 - 90 - 95.