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Italians worry for Petersburg dry - bars

last week Rospotrebnadzor has published the report with the tasty name About Asiatic cuisine dishes . And in it unfavourable conclusions: every sixth beater with the crude fish, bought in Petersburg, is dangerous. And recommendations: if there are doubts as nonconventional dishes it is better to refuse them (more in detail read in a material the Petersburg doctors recognised Japanese cuisine dangerous ) . Having added to culinary research of hospital attendants own geopolitical operating time, the Italian mass-media have concluded: Japanese cuisine discredit in Petersburg from - for dispute round islands in Pacific ocean .

- War   with Japan has begun with a land. -   the Italian newspaper   writes; La Repubblica. - the Culinary delicacy which Russian have opened for themselves more recently, and had time to fall in love more than a pizza and more than hamburgers. It is war war consists of small offences, and has not something in common with cookery.  

According to Italians, only for two days last week in Petersburg six land - bars were closed at once.  

- Japanese cuisine, really, one of the most popular in Petersburgers, - potverdili in KERPPITe. - Enters into the five of leaders. About what or mass closing of Japanese restaurants in Petersburg we of anything do not know.  

it is necessary to notice that the criticism of hospital attendants has been directed against fish delicacies, how much against the Petersburg tradition of their preparation not so much. To cut dirty hands a potato which then all the same will wash up and will fry not so dangerously how to go the same fingers into crude fish in warm fig.