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In Tatarstan the owner of the boat which have brought down the swimmer - the champion, will be brought to justice

More half a year cut up by screws of a boat of Stas Shauklis « did not pull » on criminal case. the owner of the boat who have brought down in water of the boy, remained unpunished. According to inspectors, all the matter is that Stasu, which doctors after tragedy « collected » it is literally on slices, has been caused « average harm to health » instead of « heavy ».

Then inspectors could make a helpless gesture only: « the Pier, is not present such article ».

And here, after half a year criminal case nevertheless is raised under item 118 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (causing of heavy harm to health on imprudence – avenue avt).

- It is judicial - medical examination has been once again spent in Kazan. And doctors have come to a conclusion that Stasu has been done heavy harm to health, - mum of the schoolboy Oksana tells. – So we could achieve criminal case excitation.

Stas has won more than 60 medals at different competitions
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Now, to the owner of a boat the penalty to 80 thousand roubles or restriction of freedom for the term up to three years threatens.

we will remind, the tragedy has occurred on June, 28th on the river Kama . Stas together with friends bathed in the river when the owner of the powerboat has decided to joke and became « to cut » a wave for young bathers. One of them has so grown exited that has not noticed, how « has driven » on the guy.

- all are live? - The driver of a boat has thought suddenly, having heard shout.

but it was necessary to them to turn back, as the playful mood there and then was gone. Behind a boat the scarlet trace lasted.

- when the boat went on us, in water us was three, - remembers Stas. – Friends have instantly oriented and had time to jump aside from a board. I was too close. Well I remember that I have sharply jumped out of water, have taken a sip air. Also has there and then felt a severe pain in all body and has felt that at all I do not feel feet.

Rotating blades of the motor have walked on a back of the guy. Doctors « collected » the body of the schoolboy is literally on slices.

- for years of work in medicine such operation at me   Was for the first time, - speaks   the doctor – the surgeon of traumatologic branch of children`s hospital 2 Pardaboj Abdullaev. – we had to sew literally all on slices. No metal crampons could keep bone which have dispersed during a trauma.

in hospital Stas has spent thirty days. Without turning, lay only on a back. Could not eat, and saws through a straw.

Doctors collected The body of the guy is literally on slices
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According to experts to survive to the guy sports training has helped only. Stas in a city national team on swimming.

now go Stas can only with a cane. But the sportsman has already begun trainings: in the mornings does easy gymnastics, and will recommence lessons by swimming in the autumn.

- he dreams to take part in the University game in 2013, - mum Stasa speaks. – It after all, has already been included in a national team and hopes that will have time to be restored completely till this time.