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JUgortsy shows from Zhirinovsky

the Chairman of the State Duma of Federal Meeting of the Russian Federation have not waited, the party leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky has visited the day before Surgut. The plan of its abiding in the Jugorsky city on working Monday has been painted on hours: at 18:00 it should call in on the Central market to get acquainted with the local prices and to communicate to buyers. At 19:00 Vladimir Zhirinovsky already should address to inhabitants of Jugry in sport centre « the Prime minister - arena ».

half-tic Visit was formally announced, as the meeting and dialogue with inhabitants of district, but arrival of the leader the liberal - democrats on the eve of scale elections have regarded not differently, as usual PR - a course, called to return love and trust of northern electorate. Vladimir Volfovicha`s campaign in shop has not crowned by the success, the planned purchase well-known jugorskogo muksuna is not has gone right, fish has simply ended. It was necessary to buy a local ham. And the assortment of products of Zhirinovsky did not suit the prices.

Dialogue with local residents has turned out marvellously quiet, almost not containing the scandalous speeches inherent in the politician. Expected show it has not turned out. The phrase to head Jugry - Natalias Komarovoj became the brightest statement of the politician. In its opinion, it could not carry out - to raise the problem set for it trust of the population to the power. It has graded the present government of district - 3 with a minus. « the governor is afraid of me » - the head of LDPR has told.   than Vladimir Zhirinovsky was guided, it is not known, but only its arrival that is interesting,   practically anywhere also it was not announced in any way unlike Mironov`s visit.