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The place of Solodkina was occupied with other official

Today at a meeting with journalists the mayor of Novosibirsk Vladimir Gorodetsky has told about personnel shifts in city administration. Including has named new vitse - the mayor on social problems, earlier this post was occupied with arrested person Alexander Solodkin - younger:

- According to the law, I had the right to release Alexander Solodkina in no-charge holiday for a year. Yesterday, on February, 15th,   this term has expired, therefore there was a possibility to appoint the new assistant on social problems – Alexander Titkov became them, corresponding papers are signed yesterday,   - Vladimir Gorodetsky has explained.

Alexander Titkov earlier heading Lenin area of Novosibirsk
the Photo became the Assistant to the mayor on social problems: www. metronsk. ru

the Mayor of Novosibirsk also has underlined that Alexander Solodkin who now is in the Kemerovo pre-trial detention centre in spite of the fact that has lost the armchair, remains the employee of the mayoralty.

- Its surname remained in the list of staff, - Vladimir Gorodetsky has told. – however, it does not receive the salary.

we Will remind that young vitse - the mayor of Novosibirsk and his father - the adviser of the former governor concerning sports - have changed suddenly the spacious offices with easy chairs for prison plank beds. Inspectors are assured that have detained almost protagonists of the criminal world of Novosibirsk who reserved businessmen. Relatives of prisoners confirm the return - Solodkiny steels victims of the order, probably, political. Both parties converge in one - in business of the father and the son a red thread there passes a subject of the Gusinobrodsky ware market largest beyond Ural Mountains, in common people - flea markets on Gusinke, which else from the beginning 1990 - h years cannot divide okolokriminalnye elements in any way.

About other personnel shifts in the mayoralty read in the near future on our site.