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The Ministry of Emergency Measures of Moscow informs on danger: From - for frosts any occurrence of failures

daily average temperature is not excluded Within the next few days can to fall below norm on 10 - 12 degrees. In this connection loading on gas, oven and an electric equipment that can lead to occurrence of fires will increase.

in the Ministry of Emergency Measures also predict growth of cases of overcooling, obmorozhenija and destructions among the population, growth of the failures connected with infringements of municipal life-support systems and infringements in work of transport.

but as the assistant to the mayor of Moscow Peter Birjukov informed earlier, power networks and system of a heat supply of capital should sustain strong loadings in colds. And on a case of unforeseen situations there are reserve sources.

unsociable persons has told that all system of power is resulted in an efficient status and will sustain not only such frosts, but also lower temperatures.

Zammera has assured: If one beam of an electrical supply it will automatically switch to another fails. Inhabitants of it at all will not notice .