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The mosque under construction in Moscow bears danger of life and to health of people

Dagir Hasavov is the lawyer of the architects Igor Tazhieva and Alexey Kolenteeva projecting in capital a cathedral mosque.

it was necessary to protect authors of the project after the customer of object - Spiritual management of Moslems of the European part of Russia led by mufti Ravilem Gajnutdinom without legal substantiations, proceeding from personal motives has discharged Tazhieva and Kolenteeva of mosque erection. Kolenteevu money has not been paid for the performed work, and a building after leaving of architects the beginning is under construction with gross infringements of many technical regulations. After long trials Hasavov has decided to be converted behind the help to the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobjaninu and the public prosecutor of capital Yury Semin.

I ask to study the legal situation which has developed with building of a complex of a cathedral mosque, for the purpose of a non-admission of threat of life of people as a result of erection of this object with mass infringements of the legislation of the Russian Federation - it is told in the statement of the lawyer.

architects of a mosque notice that its erection goes not under the project, it is visible even an unaided sight, and the fact of such building carries object in the category a self-system .

the company " was the First genpodrjadchikom works on mosque erection; Inzhtransstroj . Subsequently   for the unknown reasons it have discharged of building. On change Inzhtransstroju Open Company " has come; Bektrio which representatives have received advance at the rate about 48 million roubles, have reported only for 25 million roubles and, having thrown object in a semiready status, have left.

Hasavov could find out that this company has no financial, technical and engineering resources, and the main thing, experience and the permission to erection of so significant and difficult building. Founders Bektrio there were citizens of Turkey who by the time of the beginning of works were in Russia on a tourist visa. Last fact has allowed them to disappear free with the money received in another`s country.

at all it builders of the company have not eliminated marriage of the previous contractor, and have continued erection of a mosque with obvious infringements. For these reasons destruction the building has begun in July, 2010. And in the end of September the former engineer of technical supervision of building of a mosque Yury Yaroslavtsev was converted with the statement addressed to head mosgorstrojnadzora Anatoly Zajko, having specified on scandalous things of infringements of building norms and rules, and also presence of threat of security and life of people on this object However the answer and has not received, informs Interfax - religion